Our Story

Restoration Cider Co. is the culmination of our two great passions: cider and fly fishing.

Restoration Cider Co. is a small, veteran-owned business based in Madison, Wisconsin.  We fell in love with cider in Northwest Spain, where making complex, dry, refreshing cider and pairing it with spectacular food is a centuries old tradition.  

Through trial and error we've succeeded in making crisp, dry, refreshing cider that is worlds away from the soda-like sweet stuff that is common on this side of the pond.  And we've done it using apples grown right here in the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin

This is where our passion for fly fishing comes in. We've been fly fishing the Driftless for over a decade and are still awed by the beauty and serenity of Wisconsin's trout streams. We're so passionate, in fact, that 5% of our profits at Restoration Cider Co. go directly to stream restoration projects.  We want to use our brand as a showcase for our (and your) experiences of Wisconsin's natural beauty and as platform for raising awareness of water quality and land use issues.

Our Cider

True to our European inspiration, our cider has none of the cloying, sugary overtones that we had experienced with so many American ciders.  You can expect a nuanced, earthy, crisp drink that pairs well with any food.  And, as an added bonus, our cider is by nature gluten-free!  We use apples from Wisconsin and we make it right here in Madison.  We hope to restore cider to its rightful place in Wisconsin's drinking culture, one pour at a time.

Saving Our Streams

Wisconsin is home to hundreds of picturesque streams, most concentrated in the Driftless Area.  Rolling hills, limestone cliffs, and narrow valleys give way to hundreds of small, cool creeks. Springs bubble out of hillsides, nursing green plant life even throughout the winter. Sadly, many of our streams have been devastated by agricultural run-off, which raises the water temperature to inhospitable levels and kills the delicate ecosystems that support trout.  By pledging 5% of our profits to stream restoration projects in Wisconsin, we can save these treasures.

Who We Are

Paul Asper and Lissa Koop, co-owers of Restoration Cider Co., live in Madison with their two young daughters.  When not obsessing about yeast activity and fermentation equipment, Paul is a registered nurse in a local emergency room and in the Air Force and Lissa is an attorney in private practice.